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Here's a short flick about a sharp knife and a page of A4 copy paper. PRESS HERE

The knife is my own skinner, made from D2 and cocobolo.

The clip starts with me cutting strips with a scalpel as reference. I then use my knife on the same sheet of paper.

The scalpel was purchased from a medical supply company on Magil Road, Adelaide.


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I have posted two short youtube videos showing off the full mirror polish of this knife. The videos have no sound, so don't adjust your sets!

to watch the first video PRESS HERE

to view a second video, taken from a flatter angle, PRESS HERE

This is a shot MP4 video I made for a client called John. It demonstrates how to correctly put a knife in this type of sheath and remove it. I thought it worhwhile including the information here as general knowledge. If it doesn't play when you press the play icon or shows 'error video playback was aborted', you will have to tell your security programme to 'allow blocked content'.