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a handmade utility knife from AEBL stainless stonewashed with maroon webbwood handle by warrick edmonds riflebirdknives

A pointy utility, well sized for smaller game such as rabbits, foxes, goats and the like. A nice stiff and sharp point, some file work on the spine and textured ricasso. The handle is maroon Webbwood.

The blade is made from polished AEB-L stainless that had been stonewashed, giving it quite a gloosy-glassy appearence in hand.


a utility knife made from brushed 52100 and blue and black laminated G10

A medium sized hunter made from brushed 52100 carbon steel. The tang is finely tapered, the handle is relatively slim and made from light weight, blue and black G10. This is a knife designed to be carried all day in the field. There's no excess weight hidden in metal bolsters or finger guards. That being said, it's more than big enough to tackle skinning a deer or goat. The design features a strongly supported and pointy tip for separating those joints and a long curved cutting edge for skinning. I like this knife, this is one of my favourite users, nothing Safe Queen about this one.


a handmade custom made utility knives freaturing blue and black G10 handle

But it also comes with a bit of tarting up, some nice file work on the spine, some heavy texturing of the ricasso and a matching coloured sheath (not shown)