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Note I now accept payment via Paypal. This is a secure and easy method of transfering funds regardless of where you are around the world.

Following the events of a recent delivery to Texas USA, I'll only use US Post at the clients risk. I'd prefer to send items via a courier of your choice. Post with tracking number within Australia is fine.

Please note that I have had to delete the auto-link to my email address from the contact page. It was being raided by spammers and their junk filled the inbox to capacity, which prevented genuine emails from getting through to me. If you've sent me an email in the past that apparently went unanswered, please forgive me, it was because I never received it. It was only recently (July 15) that this problem came to my attention, when a client pointed out that his emails were being bounced. So, from now on, manually copy the email address into your address line and it should get through. Alternatively, I have now listed my phone number.