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hand made presentation box for knife set, warrick edmonds, riflebirdknives

This is a presentation box for a set of knives commissioned by a client who wanted something special.

The lid is Tasmanian blackheart sassafras, the front and back are Malagasy rosewood, the sides are Tasmanian blackwood and the base is jarrah.

All of these woods are best examples of their kind and required a lot of searching out. The rosewood used for front and back is featured enough to stand alone as first class knife handle material.

I've applied more than ten thin coats of fine penetrating oil to the timber to bring out its natural colours but leave a matt finish that does not hide the grain.

The box weighs around 10kg and is 50cm long.


custom made knife set with presentation box and sheaths, warrick edmonds, riflebirdknives

The set includes a bowie and smaller hunter, both sharing similar design lines and materials.

(What a dumbo, when I took this photo I didn't realize I'd left a fine application of oil on the blades, hence some peacock colours there)

The knives are cradled within slots hand carved into timber covered by blue flocking (powdered felt).

There are matching sheaths featuring inlays of maroon stingray skin and hand tooling. The rear side of each sheath is fully tooled. Also, the witches peaks onlapping the stingray are sewn, not simply glued in place.


hand crafted boxed set of presentation knives, warrick edmonds, riflebirdknives

The knife blades are made from heat treated, cryo-treated, O1 which has been hot dip caustic blued by Darrol Hanniford of Blackwood.

The blades are mirror polished whereas the ricasso flats have a frosted finish made by wet bead blasting.


The handle of a custom made knife by warrick edmonds, riflebirdknives

A close up of the handle material. It is a fine example of premium quilted sapele. The bolster is Brazilian bloodwood, separated by a fine silver spacer.

The wood was treated to three applications of finish daily (sanding between each) for two weeks, until a fine, filled, gloss was established. These sort of projects are all about detail, patience and effort. The list of method I supplied to the client went to three typed pages.

Have a close look at the sheath. I've even gone to the trouble of bevelling and smoothing the edges lapping onto the wonderful stingray inlay prior to sewing the sheath.


pocket knife with fixed blade and bubinga burl handle, warrick edmonds, riflebirdknives

a handy little pocket sized blade with bubinga burl and tooled sheath.


brazilian bloodwood camp knife by warrick edmonds, riflebirdknives

A medium sized utility made from Sandvik12C27, at RC = 58, cryo treated.

The handle is Brazilian bloodwood, a very hard, stable material that wears well

the sheath is fully tooled front and back



Dear Warrick,

The knives all arrived ... this afternoon. I nearly didn't sleep last night with excitement and that was confirmed when I opened the packages today. They all look and feel fabulous and the sheaths suit each knife perfectly. I can't stop looking at everything and I've been wearing the two field knives around all afternoon like some latter day Jim Bowie !!!!

Now individually :- The Damascus field knife is beautiful [I'm going to run out of superlatives and may go on to repeat myself ] I love the woods and the workmanship. The mustard liners set everything off nicely and it's quite light in the hand for such a sizeable knife.

The redgum Field knife is just gorgeous ... and mesmerising. The pins are just perfect and I can't wait to get it to a camp site somewhere and find some uses for it. It looks like it will do anything from slicing the onions to making me an extra tent peg when I need it.

Finally :- The Filleter is just superb, I don't have a bag of frozen Coorong Mullet lying around so we might have to wait for the next flathead session to put it to work but in the meantime I'm sure I'll find something in the kitchen to do with it. It is so wonderfully balanced [as they all are] I'm sure it will help me with some sashimi or roasted fillet of beef or something. It is already a good friend and sitting on my lap while I write this. Once again the wood .pins and workmanship are great to say nothing of my first polished blade, just spectacular. I could use the mirror finish to shave with.

I have made the odd sheath in my time from old Al Stolman patterns but yours are just sublime. .... everything is terrific with its sheath, the cane toad insert works a treat. I love the tooling on the redgum sheath and the plain sheath for the Damascus is a beautiful contrast. So as you should be gather here I am just ecstatic about my new arrivals and can't wait to put them all to good use. Thank you Warrick thank you.

Anyway enough for now I think you can gather that I'm just overjoyed by these three knives so once again thank you.
R.C. from Victoria.

Here's a letter I recently received after the client took delivery of three knives, including; a field knife, a filliter and a damascus field knife.

I'm telling you, its stuff like this that makes it all worthwhile.

custom made heavy camp knife, warrick edmonds, riflebirdknives

The blade is 4mm mirror polished 440C hardened to RC=58. The handle is Boise de Rose, a dense waxy and relatively rare rosewood. There are three mosaic pins and red liners.

The design includes a heavy duty point, with the full steel thickness carried forward until only 1.5cm from the tip. There is a full thickness flat top section for hammering the blade and a small crusher exposed at the butt. The handle is a full coke bottle with a thumb rest on the spine and a finger guard. The concept is to limit the carry weight of a camp knife but maintain useful strength.


hand made camp knife by warrick edmonds, riflebirdknives

A longer bladed heavy duty camp knife made from 4mm 440C at RC=58.

The design features a coke bottle handle made from Camatillo, a hard to come by waxy, dense, hard wearing rosewood.

Other features include a thumb rest on the spine, a small crusher butt, finger guard and full width steel to within 2cm of the heavy duty point.

The sheath is heavy duty leather.


hand crafted fixed blade knife by warrick edmonds, riflebirdknives

This small fixed blade features a conkerberry and bloodwood handle. The blade is cryo treated 440C.

The sheath features an overlay of Tasmanian salmon skin on leather and a leather 'wear pad' collar with light tooling.


custom made knife, flat pack pocket fixed blade, warrick edmonds, riflebirdknives

A small fixed blade made from cryo treated 440C.

The handle is bubinga burl and black rosewood.

The sheath is designed as a 'flat-pack', something that will sit at the bottom of your pocket or daypack. It features a python skin overlay both sides on a leather base and a lightly tooled leather 'wear-pad' collar.


folder sheath, warrick edmonds, riflebirdknivesfolder sheath, holster style with African theme, warrick edmonds, riflebirdknives

Two holster style folder sheaths. Hand tooled leather front and back, triple dyed, finished inside and out, all edges rounded and smoothed prior to hand sewing. Right hand sheath sports an African shield theme (as the folders were made in South Africa).


various sheaths for small fixed blade knives, warrick edmonds, riflebirdknives






Various sheaths made for small fixed blade and folding knives. Stingray, kangaroo, golden sea snake and fish skins, some stamped and double dyed.


A set of caping knives from RWL34, warrick edmonds, riflebirdknives

A caping knife set made from mirror polished RWL34. The handles are cocobolo, with fine silver spacers and five mosaic pins. Eagle eyed observers will note the second pin of each is left plain, as a space for the owners initials to be engraved.

This set will be used. The owner is a keen hunter who intends taking these knives into the field. Thus, the handle and blade materials have been chosen for their proven 'work' records.


A caping knife set with leatehr wallet and sharpening stone, warrick edmonds, riflebirdknives

Each knife of the set is housed within an individual sheath, held inside a leather wallet. The set also includes a quality sharpening stone which is located inside a small sheath inside the wallet.

The wallet took over 10m of hand stitching and includes two strong, antique coloured buckles.



customised katana for karate black belt, warrick edmonds, riflebirdknives

A customized blade given as a present to my son's black belt karate instructor for use during ceremonial 'forms'.

The handle is Boise de Rose, my favorite rosewood. The sheath is flat so it can be tucked between the wraps of his belt. The knife is extracted with an upside down cross draw from the left hip. Note I've put an hour glass shaped landing pad on the sheath so the tip doesn't jab his hip when re-sheathing on the move.


three ceremonial knives for black belt karate instructors, warrick edmonds, riflebirdknives

My 10 year old son is currently studying karate, now approaching his red belt. His instructors were after ceremonial knives to be used during demonstrations of their 'forms'. I hand wrapped the handles over midnight blue ray skin. (Their black belt is actually dark blue) They were initially going to keep the naked knife in their belts however I talked them into a sheath for safety. The sheath is flat so it can slide between the wraps of their belt. I've also given each a landing pad so the blade tip is less likely to stick into their hip when they are re-sheathing on the move. The knives are extracted cross-draw, upside down, (as you would hold an ice pick), from the left hip.


two handmade working knives by warrick edmonds of riflebirdknives

Two working knives (for different clients).

The knife at left is handled with rare red mulga, which is a hard and dense wood. I collected this wood from an isolated patch of trees on a cattle property in South East Northern Territory. The blade is brushed 01.

The knife at right is handled with cherry wood, supplied by the client who owns a commercial cherry orchard. The blade is polished 440C


custom made knife by Warrick Edmonds of Riflebirdknives, redgum and bloodwood

Some woods just get better with age. Redgum is one of them. This tightly fiddlebacked specimen comes from a dry country, inland tree that has grown up the tough way. The wood has been seasoned for decades so should be rock solid stable on the blade. I don't have a lot of this material left so ration it out to myself.

The steel is brushed 440C


a small fixed blade knife by Warrick Edmonds of Riflebirdknives

Another small fixed blade. This one has red mallee burl handle on deeply etched carbon damascus blade. The sheath was made to sit on the left side for a cross handed draw.


custom knife by Warrick Edmonds of Riflebirdknives, small pocket knife with sheath

These small fixed blade knives are quite popular with clients. Also, I've got one I keep in my pocket, my wife has one she keeps in her purse, its hard to imagine being without something so handy.

The sheath is ostrich skin patterned leather



handmade custom knife by warrick edmonds of riflebirdknives, bloodwood handle

This blade is polished 3mm 440C. The scales are Brazilian Bloodwood, one of my favorite handle materials.

Knife makers 'conventional wisdom' says no one likes red knives. If you think that's a load of rubbish, I agree. Bloodwood looks fantastic in the hand, seeming to glow. Not only does it have the looks its also dense and hard wearing. This knife was the first to sell from my table at the 2010 knife show and I know the buyer made a good choice.

Here's what he wrote, "The knife is great, the wood is amazing, i can appreciate the work that went into it,..... The contrast between the stainless and the bloodwood is very classy." R.L.