custom made knife by warrick edmonds, riflebirdknives, camatillo handle , pocket sheath

A nice little bit of twist Damasteel, with a camatillo handle.

The steel has been polished, then given a relatively deep etch then repolished.

The whole enchilada will drop neatly into the owners pocket and be on hand when the occasion arises.

The sheath has three dye layers hand rubbed on and fully finished inside and out, prior to sewing together.


custom skinning knife by warrick edmonds of riflebirdknives, gidgee handle leather sheath

A hunter / skinner with blade of RWL34 and a handle of ringed gidgee.

This wood is particularly hard and especially tough on sanding and shaping so I'm anticipating it will make a good handle. Oddly, when its being worked it gives off a smell like red cordial!

Here's what the client said,

"Hey Warrick I've brought the knife into work today to show off to a couple of colleagues, the entire shape fits like a glove and the contrast between the handle and blade looks amazing......its certainly a work of art, the best part being that its useful. Its also something I had influence over and I'm very satisfied, seeing how its come together. Great sheath design too!"

JD from Victoria



Damasteel tanto with Art Deco sheath, warrick edmonds, rilflebirdknives

I spent some time mucking around with an Art Deco design and of course ended up with something that looks remarkably like a tanto. Well of course, the Japanese are past masters of the modern.

The blade steel is twist pattern Damasteel, mirror polished after a relatively deep etch.


Here's what the client said;

"Received the knife safely, thank you. I am very impressed indeed. The photos of course capture only a part of the knife, it has far exceeded my expectations. The choice of wood and the presentation of same are masterful...the grain and pattern are beautiful indeed. The silver mosaic and red liner complement the wood and blade extremely well. Understated design as a whole, a timeless looking ensemble. The blade itself is a work of art, the pattern extending to the ridge (top?) of the blade...stunning. The leather work for the sheath is top notch also, complementing the feel of the knife very well. The minimal work on the leather works very well.The set as a whole balances simplicity and complexity in a stylish manner"

D.C. Adelaide


miniritichie handle wood on tanto, warrick edmonds, riflebirdknives

Love that miniritichie handle wood. Here its matched with Boise de Rose from Madagascar. Note, the growth bands of the bolster and butt woods match the growth bands in the handle slab.

Four fine mosaic pins in silver.


damasteel tanto in custom sheath by warrick edmonds, riflebirdknives

This sheath works really well. With the leather strap wound tightly around and held by a snap, there's so much friction that knife is not going anywhere. Its a great method of housing long knives with no locking features (like finger guards etc).


paring knife with travel sheath, warrick edmonds, riflebirdknives

This was one of my favourite sheaths. I love the purple showing through black, kind of reminds me of the 60's when we were wearing paisley shirts to the primary school dances. I think my shoes were this colour. Anyway, expect to see more leather dying of this kind.

This is a paring knife with travel sheath. Brazilian tulipwood and ebony handle on RWL34


fixed blade pocket knife with great sheath, warrick edmonds, riflebirdknives

A small, fixed blade pocket knife with caramel coloured mulga scales.

But, as above, I love this sheath. Everything came together just right, workmanship, colours, the lot. It has a belt loop however is small enough to fit in a pocket.

The belt loop is a separate strip of leather sewn onto the body of the sheath. I completely dye and treat this loop segment individually but at the same time as the body, before putting them together. That way, they match harmoniously.


modern paring knife, art deco paring knife by warrick edmonds, riflebirdknives australia

The forth in the set, a paring knife. Once again I was aiming for art deco and ended up modernist. But I really like this design and will make other variants in the near future.

The knife feels just right in hand, esp spine to palm while pulling back toward you, peeling fruit etc.

Handle is book matched buckey burl. The front and rear bevels are a bit hard to pick up in the photo.


large chefs knife made by australian custom knife maker warrick edmonds, riflebirdknives

A large chefs knife made from RWL34, fully mirror polished. This knife is the partner of the sushi knife and fish filletter pictured below.

The handle is full cell stabilised buckeye burl. The handles of all three knives are made from a single batch of this premium material. Even so, you would never call them matching, there is such a magnificent variation between each set of scales. In hand it feels like polished stone.

All three knives are a generous present, to be given by the client to one very lucky person.

I'm still yet to finish the fourth knife, a small paring blade.


australian custom knife maker warrick edmonds, riflebirdknives, sushi and chefs knives

The two knives together


sushi knife made by warrick edmonds, riflebirdknives

A large sushi knife

The chisel ground blade is mirror polished RWL34. It is huge and polishing such an expanse of metal was an enterprise in itself, taking a number of days.

The handle is premium, full cell stabilised maple burl

The sheath is tooled leather with three layers of dye. The snap is backed by leather


modern sushi knife made by warrick edmonds, riflebirdknives

This photo is a little stark however it shows the outline of the knife. I originally intended the blade to be art deco, and it looked that way in the drawings. However now made and in hand, it is distinctly modernist.

Either way, with a 30cm chisel ground blade, it will slice all those thin delicacies with one long, precise cut.


mirror polished sushi knife by warrick edmonds, riflebirdknives

So, what does mirror polished mean. Take a look at these two photos for an inkling. Mind you, no photo is as good as holding it in hand.


this is what mirror polished means, warrick edmonds, riflebirdknives

This kind of polish takes a lot of elbow grease and skin. I don't have finger prints on my right hand as holding the sandpaper has removed them.


fish fillitter, custom made by warrick edmonds of riflebirdknives

A fish filletter made from mirror polished RWL34. The third knife of a set including the sushi and chefs knives, above.

The handle material is stabilised buckeye burl and black micarta.


fixed blade knife, small pocket size with redgum handle

Another fixed blade pocket knife, this one with figured redgum scales.

Here's what the client said;

"The knife arrived Warrick. Thank you for a beautiful piece of work. It was a pleasure to deal with you. I found the experience of having something handmade to order very satisfying. I hope to be able to do so again with you in the future.....

I have woodworking hand tools that are very well worn and have only gained in character, and in my ability to use them, through the years. For me the combination of a well engineered tool, that is also beautiful, helps to me to use it in a way that not merely gets the job done, but makes me better appreciate the act of what I'm doing. " M.V from Victoria


Australian knife maker Warrick Edmonds, Riflebirdknives, hand made knife using honduran rosewood

Here's a special hunter.

Imagine a high grassland, cold and misty. In dawns first light two red deer stags are battling out the rut.

The blade is mirror polished RWL34 with etched artwork on both sides. The handle wood is crotch figured Honduran rosewood with fine silver shims either end. The brass bolsters and butts have been hand engraved by Garry Mitton.

I like the package to have an integrated colour scheme. Therefore the sheath carries a brown python skin inlay. The leather flats have been fully tooled both front and back.


Handmade custom knife by Warrick Edmonds, handle of Honduran Rosewood, Riflebirdknives

Book matched, crotch figured Honduran Rosewood.

A dense and waxy wood, very similar to cocobolo in physical character.


Custom made knife by Warrick Edmonds Riflebirdknives, Honduran rosewood

Love the look of that wood and the jewel like sparkle from the engraving.


custom fitted cooks knife with amboyna burl handle, warrick edmonds, riflebirdknives

these are popular kitchen knives.

33 layers of 410 stainless each side of a hard VG10 core, makes for a good package, esp after I've fitted a select stabilised-amboyna handle.

Here's what the owner said,

"Thank you for my knife. It has everything, brains and beauty.  Looks stunning, cuts beautifully and perfectly balanced. Couldn't ask for better. Thank you,"



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