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promotional photo of knife for movie

I've been involved in the making of a series of short movies on and off for the last month, though not as a knife maker. They document the trials of a group of wannabe preppers trying to survive in a dystopian world.

The producer is currently getting together the wherewith all to make a second series and has asked me to come up with a suitable knife. Here it is in promotional guise, looking suitably dangerous, ominous and purposeful.......


small cooks knife made from summinagashi laminated steel with bocote burl handle

A medium sized cooks knife made from Summinagashi laminated steel, VG10 core and 33 layers of stainless cladding each side. The handle is bocote burl and black micarta.


hunting knife made from summinagashi laminated steel

A hunter made from Summinagashi laminated steel, with a VG10 core and 33 layers of stainless cladding each side. The handle is muirapiranga and black micarta.


large camp knife with snakewood and carbon fibre by warrick edmonds of riflebirdknives

A camp knife made from mirror polished rwl34. The spine has been fileworked and the ricasso stippled. The handle is made from high grade, dense figured snakewood and carbon fibre with mosaic pins all round. This wood is so dense it takes a wonderful polish without the addition of oils and waxes.


mirror polished rwl34 showing reflections in knife blade

Showing off the mirror polish, something that only comes with elbow grease and persistence.


file work on the butt end of a custom made knife by warrick edmonds of australia

the butt was also fileworked in a simple pattern.


snakewood handle on custome made knife by warrick edmonds of adelaide

The sheath was triple dyed to form a pattern that compliments the figured snakewood. It was then given four coats of gloss sealant and all edges were treated with gum tragacanth.


hunting knife, australian custom knife maker, handmade knfie, australian knife, warrick edmonds

A large streamlined bowie style hunter made from thick CPMS35VN. It comes with a slight recurve, leading to a long sweeping curve to the tip and a very solid point backed by serious metal. The blade is seven inches long with a brushed finish.


large bowie, camel hunter, cpms35vn, western australia, custome knife, hand made knife

The handle is acacia enceana burl. This is a very hard wood from the WA goldfields. The gloss is derived from physical polishing, showing off how hard the wood is.


polished knife with buffalo horn handle

This hunter/skinner was made from polished RWL34. It features a stippled ricasso and handle of buffalo horn and bolster of black G10. The shim between handle and bolster is fine silver.

Here's what the client said,

I have just received my knife in the mail and what a knife. It's lived up to my expectations and more. The polish on the blade is just mirror finished and razor sharp. The handle is perfect and weight ratio is superb. In fact I don't have enough adjectives to describe your workmen ship. The sheath is exactly how I imagined it would be. Just awesome. As well as your talent,  you and your wife are a pleasure to deal with. I am now looking forward to the next knife. Cheers P from Victoria


reflection in a knife blade

Showing off the mirror polish.



showing off the beautiful engraving done by Garry Mitton


hunting knife

a good sized hunter, one of my favourite patterns and very popular with those tackling deer sized animals.


hunting knife with engraved bolster

a medium hunter in mirror polished RWL34 with handle of ringed gidgee. I've textured the ricasso to compliment and off set the engraved bolster. This knife is a wedding present hence the date and initials


A charcuterie knife

A charcuterie knife made from Damasteel stainless damascus. The handle is a fine specimen of snakewood matched to blace carbon fibre

This is the first time I've used snakewood and I was very impressed. It won't be the last.


a trout knife

A trout knife made for a keen fisherman who hikes into mountain streams and fishes for his dinner. The blade is RWL34, handle is premium ringed gidgee and black rosewood. The sheath has a burgundy fish skin outer.


trout knife mirror polished blade

The blade of the trout knife is of course, mirror polished and set off with a bit of filework down the spine. This knife has a fine distal taper and a rounded butt that fits the palm nicely. The whole package is not heavy so won't be a burden when hiking.


koala in a tree over our pool this morning

This fella was sunning himself in a tree overhanging our pool this morning.

We have a lot of koalas in our area, it's a rare day that we don't see one in our yard somewhere.

first grind off the new maching a custom made kitchen paring knife

First keeper off the new machine. A small kitchen handy or paring knife in D2. Alternatively I can see this travelling out and about to a picnic or lying next to the cheese or helping to present a charcuterie plate

I'm quite happy with the almost post-modern lines so I'll do a few in different handles and put them on my for sale page.

old faithful knife grinder for making Riflebirdknives custom knives in Australia
The old grinder hasn't been disgarded by any stretch. It's been re-purposed for the coarse grit jobs such as shaping handle woods or hogging out the profiles of knives.
new knife grinder for making custom knives by Warrick Edmonds

I've reorganized my workshop to include a new grinder, a top of the line Wilmont Tag 101, with variable speed control.

It looks the goods with the tool rest in place but in practice I found myself removing this bit of kit and grinding freehand. After going freehand for the last ten years on my old machine it's hard to change. Eventually I will but that will come with use and time.

This grinder will be my go-to for grinding knife bevels and all that fine tuning of handles, curves and angles.

carving knife in damasteel

Some projects are just fun to make. Usually they are out of the ordinary, with a bit of challenge about them. This knife took ages to make but was well worth the effort.



carving knife and presentation box

The blade is damasteel stainless damascus, polished then heavily etched. It was then re-polished until it gleamed.


carving knife butt

The overall design gives a nod to both Japanese simplicity and Art Deco styling. A bit of file work for a highlight. Also, so angles cut and polished, to show off the ebony underlay.


carving knife handle rosewood and ebony

The handle is Brazilian tulipwood, one of the genuine rosewoods. It sits over thick liners of ebony and behind an ebony bolster. Some angles cut into the butt and underside show off the contrasting reds and black.


damascus carving knife in huon pine box

The knife comes with a presentation box made from Huon Pine, with ebony end pieces. The box has a cradle made from figured red cedar and in this photo, sea snake skin. I didn't like the snake skin and later replaced it with Brazilian bloodwood.

(The box looks a little curved in this photo, that's just lens distortion on such a long piece.)


australian made carving knife in huon pine presentation box

The beautiful, light-honey tones of Huon Pine. The longer it is exposed to sunlight the deeper these will become.

The knife blade is 27cm long and overall length is 40cm, so it's a big one. The steel is not thick at around 3.5mm and tapers from the ricasso to the tip. This makes for a very sharp blade, taking hair off my arm without my feeling any tug or pull.

I must congratulate Hills Heat Treating of Melbourne for the superb job they did heat treating (hardening) this blade. It came back to me with no bends, warps or twists.


hunting knife with laminated blade and afzelia handle

A hunter made from Japanese Summinagashi laminated steel with a handle of stablised afzelia xlay burl


laminated blade

I really like the way the interstitial blade material has frosted when etched


a large camp knife in damasteel with a c-tek handle

one of a pair of knives. This is a 30cm long camp knife made from 5mm thick Damasteel damascus, so it's a hefty unit. The bolster is carbon fibre.

Unfortunately, I just couldn't take a photo that captured the shiny blade and the dark blue handle at the same time.


a fish knife in damasteel with c-tek handle

The second of the pair is a fish filletter. Made from 3.5mm Damasteel damascus.

This is a big knife designed to deal with large tropical fish.

The sheath features a stingray skin insert.


c-tek handle of a damasteel knife

a close-up of the handle material. Dark blue, semi translucent C-tek with a native carbon fibre bolster.


the c-tek butt of a knife

a bit of file work on the butt


a pair of knives including a large camp knife and a fish knife

the pair together. I wanted them to be functional but also have a slight leaning toward modern design lines.


hunting knife with bocote australian custom made warrick edmonds

a mid sized hunter with Mexican bocote handel, African black rosewood bolster and highly textured sheath with complimentary colours


large camp knife gidgee australia warrick edmonds

Further to my collection of large camp knives.

This one features a handle of rock hard, polished ringed gidgee from central southern Queensland.

I've textured the sheath to mimic the tight figure of the wood and triple dyed it to compliment the colours.


large camp knife custome made australia warrick edmonds

The blade is made from brushed 52100. The spine has been detailed with a bit of fancy filework and the ricasso has been textured.


large camp knife handmade australia warrick edmonds

The butt has come in for a bit of cosmetic treatment as well.


heavy camp knife with hand painted sheath, australian knife maker warrick edmonds riflebirdknives

A compact but heavy bladed utility made from brushed 52100, with a handle of Brazilian bloodwood.

The sheath is multi-dyed with chocolate and black, then hand painted using special leather acrylics. There are four coats of gloss finish over the top of the paints.


cooks knife and paring knife

A matching set of kitchen ware, including a cooks knife and paring knife.

Both feature mirror polished RWL34, with textured ricasso, filed and jeweled spines, handles of Mexican bocote and bolsters of ebony.

The travelling sheaths have been dyed with four colours to match the handles and fully hand tooled, being a base of yellow, then antique wash, then chocolate and finally black.


other side of cooks and paring knife warrick edmonds riflebirdknives

This photo shows off the mirror polish on the blades and the complex patterns in the bocote. Over time, the yellow background wood will go a rich coffee colour, with the black patterns still visible.

Here's what the client said;

Warrick my knives arrived yesterday, thank you very much they @#$% unreal,-
Mate they are things of beauty and the sheaths compliment the knives perfectly-


C M of Perth


a fruit knife with painted sheath

Here's a fruit knife, designed so that the curved spine sits in your palm. The blade is RWL34 and the handle is stabilised buckeye burl with green liners.

The sheath is leather that has been painted with a kind of tie-dye effect, on both sides. I've used a special paint designed for high-end shoes, handbags, etc. It's a polymer that won't crack or chip and will put up with the flexing of the leather.

I intend experimenting with these paints more in the future.


large camp knife with enceana

My mate has been taking camels for meat. He lamented that his medium sized skinning blades were too small for the job, unable to reach down into the joints when breaking up the carcass. So I came up with this design.

The blade is 17cm long, overall is 31.5cm. Made from 5mm thick, brushed CPMS35VN. The design carries a good mass of steel forward into the tip for strength. The handle is a big fat lump of 'clouded' enceana that fills your hand.

I like the shape of this knife and will be making more of them in the future.


spine view of large camp knife with enceana

A view of filework on the knife's spine. I also textured the ricasso and butt. The sheath is stippled to match the texturing and two toned with black and chocolate, though this doesn't really come across in the photos.


ringed gidgee knife scales

hmmmmm, wood porn, drool


a set of ringed gidgee knife scales that I've polished up, for no reason other than to look at.

a medium hunter skinner with miniritichie handle

A medium sized hunter / skinner made from mirror polished RWL34. The handle is curly miniritichie. The sheath pattern is best described as dappled camo, with colours that compliment the handle wood.


a hunting knife with bubinga burl handle

I'm starting to get some knives together for the 2015 Adelaide Knife Show. This medium sized hunter-skinner features a handle of bubinga burl and bolsters of maroon linen micarta.

The blade steel is 5mm 52100 at RC= 61.9, brushed out at 1200 grit.


showing the sheath for bubinga hunter

The sheath features a base colour of red overlain by a dry rubbed chocolate and finally black.


showing filework on spine of bubinga hunter

It's a solid blade that will take a beating and keep going. I decorated the thick spine with some filework. The butt is similarly filed, though not shown in these pics.